7 Replies to “A Favourite Topic on the Intarweb”

  1. I’d say, Xbox. unless you think you’re going to want Blu-Ray.

    Then again, the xbox catalog is primarily shooters (although, there is some cracking JRPG’s abound), and you’d get a shot at the old CoC game from the last xbox.

  2. xbox 360 is considerably cheaper at the moment. plus it has a lot more games. that is what is making my decision at the moment.

  3. Xbox is cheaper (for a reason! 🙂 ) but PS3 is a solid Blu-Ray machine. Of course, if you don’t have an HD TV, Blu-Ray is not an essential. Just watched the Blu-Ray Nightmare Before Christmas and it was like seeing for the first again. Amazing.

  4. p.s. I made Toren ask this question.
    I am tempted by the free games but I find shooters, for the most part, no fun. Perhaps it is because I hate Halo (don’t tell the nerds!). I have an Xbox and wasn’t super stoked on the selection of games.

    I don’t have an HD TV but I like the slippery slope of nerdom where buying one item means you have to buy several others in order to full appreciate the initial item.

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