Word Under the Street 2008

I’ll be at Word Under the Street in the basement of the Vancouver Public Library on Sunday September 28.

Marketplace of Exhibitors

More than 150 local, regional and national book and magazine publishers, booksellers, literacy and educational organizations, libraries, and writers’ associations exhibit an exceptional array of current and back listed books and magazines to browse through or buy. Many exhibitors offer special promotions, sales and giveaways available one-day-only at The Word On The Street! And that includes The Word Under the Street, where you’ll discover a wealth of locally-produced micro-published “underground” comics and ‘zines and our annual on-the-spot comics contest. And back by popular demand: Magazine Mews. Browse the best of Canadian and British Columbian magazine publishing and meet some of the talents behind award-winning work. Check out panel discussions, demos, performances and more.

Authors Confirmed for 2008

Peter Bagge
Linda Bailey
Jean Barman
Dianna Bonder
Daphne Bramham
Michael Byers
Nicola Campbell
Norma Charles
Lisa Cinar
Elizabeth Denny
Darcy Dobell
Ian Ferguson
Steven Galloway
James Glave
Garry Gottfriedson
Heather Haley
Chris Hamilton
Robert Heidbreder
Lee Henderson
Deborah Hodge
Stephen Hume
Mel Hurtig
Roy Innes
Katarina Jovanovic
Susan Juby
Pummy Kaur
Robert Kull
Zoe Landale
Hadrien Laroche
Duane Lawrence
Mark Lieren-Young
Moberly Luger
Adrienne Mason
Dr. Gabor Mate
Bruce McBay
George McWhirter
Eric Miller
John Murphy
William New
Susin Nielsen
Matt Radar
Linda L. Richards
Kathryn Shoemaker
The Smart Cookies
George Stanley
Shannon Stewart
Meg Tilly
Laura Trunkey
Karen X. Tulchinsky
Chieri Uegaki
Richard Wagamese
Naomi Beth Walken
Howard White
John Wilson
Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas