The Million Favoured Ones

Hi. I’m a big fan of your band’s songs (I have four of your CDs), and also an enthusiast of creepy, ancient-Egyptian inspired stuff, and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to e-mail me a copy of the English translation of the lyrics to “Nyarlathotep”. I tried to translate it myself, but I was only able to figure out about seventeen of the words (see the attached jpeg file), and half of them I’m not sure about because the book that I used to try to translate them back into English uses E.A.Wallace Budge’s system of transliterations, which is different from the transliterations in the lyrics sheet….

….Anyway, I figured that one of you probably has the English version of the lyrics either on your computer somewhere, or at the very least written down somewhere physically, and you might be able to enlighten me with some as to what the song is actually about, (beyond the general sense of it being in some way about the messenger of the Outer Gods). Thanks in advance; When (if??) you get around to responding. Thanks again.

Diogenes Shandor

Hello Diogenes – are you a relative of Ivo Shandor who designed the alter where the Ghostbusters fought Gozer the Gozerian? Thanks for supporting the band. We prefer you summon up Nyarlathotep by playing the album 777 times so you can ask him yourself, but in case your CD laser gets burned out:

English lyrics
by Cristina Rizen and Inanna Gruner

Crying out from the Red Land
Came a man of darkness
With evil bloody secrets

He knew the Black Pharaoh
Servant to the Faceless Sphinx God
He gave me the book of the dead

Slaughterer bringing nigh those who are detested

Tumult and time bent
Mutilation and death in every land
Unleashing fear, creeping downward

Messenger to those who are detested
Prepare a way for the Void and the Evil Ones
Terror in the harem of pestilences