A Marine Architeuthologist

“Steven, Kat the rest, trapped inside the mess, won’t go down without a fight.”

These lyrics in The Thickets’ song “Cultists on Board” are a reference to Dr Steve O’Shea (the album The Shadow Out of Tim is dedicated by me to Steve) and Kat Bolstad, his assistant. Well I found out a few days ago that Kat is coming to Vancouver this week! She gave me a heads up and I’ve arranged with Mike to get some footage of her for the “A Marine Biologist” and to show her around town, or at least the Vancouver Aquarium. If you’re like me, you’re super excited!

2 Replies to “A Marine Architeuthologist”

  1. Hey cool! See if she wants to come to the Vancouver Skeptics In The Pub on Tuesday night! There’ll be skeptical trivia!

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