The Incredible Hulk was quite good until they got to New York. Tim Blake Nelson was fantastic as always but everything that happened after his introduction seemed quite disconnected to the rest of the movie. Everything involving Tim Roth was dull. The final Hulk battle was really unsatisfying, whereas the first two were engaging. Really, they lost me when Banner said “we made this thing, I have to do this.”

X2 (Wolverine’s backstory): 8
Spider-Man 2 (Doctor Octopus): 8
Spider-Man (Green Goblin): 8
X-Men (Brotherhood of Mutants): 7
Superman Returns: 7
Incredible Hulk: 6.75
Batman Begins: 6
X-Men: The Last Stand (Phoenix/Mutant Cure/the one with Toren in it): 6.5
Hulk (Ang Lee’s): 6.5
Spider-Man 3 (Venom & Sandman): 6
Iron Man: 5
Electra: 5
Fantastic Four (Doom): 3
4: Rise of the Silver Surfer: 3

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  1. I can’t believe you rated Incredible Hulk over Batman Begins. Really? Do you really believe that? Weird!

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