Foodio (Food Near My Studio)

Budgies Burritos, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a place directly below my studio space where one can get huge, delicious, sloppy, cheap, vegetarian, hipster-made burritos. They also have nachos but when I order them I have to tell them this menacing laundry list of modifications:

-no jalapenos
-no sour cream
-yes cheese is fine
-add quacamole
-add black beans
-fresh salsa, not hot or green
-nothing on the side, everything on top (reduces plastic use)
-no lid

Maybe I should print that out and they can pin it to the wall as the Toren Special. Last night when I went to my studio Budgie’s was closed, so I puttered around the neighborhood looking for dinner. No Chinese Bakery egg tarts at 9:30pm. Our Town Cafe always has paninis but I’m bored of them and I am not thrilled with the service after a couple of annoying instances.

There is a pizza slice joint next to the Wet Wizard bookstore. The pizza didn’t look very appetizing but I noted they had lasagna for $7.50. They said it would take 30 minutes so I walked to Cuppa Joe for an oat fudge bar and to the convenience store for some pineapple-coconut juice so I’d have desert and a drink.

The thing I learned about the pizza joint when I returned is that’s it’s licensed and icky. When you go in the food grabbery is on the left. To the right is an open area where lots of grody douche bags drink their beer and yell. It was difficult to read my Dungeon magazine without feeling like a chair might be smashed over my head at any moment. At least the ants were small enough that if they got in your food you wouldn’t notice.

Anyhoo, the moral of the story is that lasagna made at buck-a-slice type business are made out of cheap pizza toppings and if your stomach can take the punishment you still have your colon to wrestle with (picture that in your head).

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  1. Neglected to mention that there’s a newish place on the NE corner of Main and 3rd you might want to check out called the Narrow. There’s an art gallery right on the corner, and kind of in behind it off 3rd is the entrance, which looks as if you’re going into a boiler room. It is a pubby kind of place that gets busy, but the food’s pretty good! Better than a dirty slice, that’s for sure.

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