Rate My Inks!

In my quest to make the awesomenest comic book that I can, I have been purchasing and testing a number of black inks. One of the laments of modern day comic inkers is that “they don’t make them like they used to,” i.e.: dark.

Here are my test results, I hope they are useful to you in some way.

***** Comic Ink by some company out of Asia possibly called Memory. Good luck finding this if you don’t live near Rath Art Supplies in East Vancouver. (totally rocks)
**** 1/2 Pro Art India Ink
**** Speedball Calligraphy Ink
*** Koh-i-noor Drawing Ink
*** Rapidograph Ultra Draw 3085
**1/2 Royal India Ink
** Winsor & Newton India 951
* Pelikan Tusche A Drawink Ink
* Higgins Waterproof Black India (totally sucks)