Yay! Review Engine Calibration!

Remember Garageband.com? I do. And now apparently it’s back! I just got this email:

Dear MacBin,

Your song, “Burrow Your Way to My Heart”, was one of our best ever, having made it into the old GarageBand.com Final Countdown. The new GarageBand.com
has replaced the Final Countdown with an ongoing contest, and because of its
past performance, “Burrow Your Way to My Heart” qualifies for a chance to compete in the new system. Tommorow it will be entered back into the active
contest, in round 2, and will receive another 20 reviews and a chance to make it to round 3 or better.

We’re doing this in order to calibrate our review engine to historical data, and to give old TFC songs a chance at earning a higher ranking on the new charts.


I almost feel like I should update the band member information.