I'll Will Spread UR Bad English All Over Teh Internets

Best turned me on to this site: passiveagressivenotes.com which I check regularly.

We found two recently around town.

The first was on the back of a store on Victoria Drive and Grant St in East Van. The guy is selling the store, and everything in it, but not the property. His advertising is in sidewalk chalk all around the block near where the bocci ball players pee outside Dillon’s window. I wish I had a photo of any of this other stuff, maybe next time. But this note on the back of the store is priceless:

The second is much more passive-aggressive. Found on the front door of Wet Wizard Books (yes you read that right) on Broadway and Kingsway.

He had another good one which has since been taken down (or moved into the store, I haven’t actually been inside) which basically read

Nowhere is there a sign that says I buy books. So do yourself a favour and don’t trouble yourself by bringing in your boxes of books. Unless you have something truly exceptional I won’t look at them.

If you see any similar notes around town and don’t have a camera, let me know and I may be able to swing by with mine.

ps – beware the wet wizard.