Yes, the "Wilhelm" Did Make An Appearance

Very short, sort of spoiler free review of Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

Jumped the shark a few times, but not really that much more than previous films, especially Temple of Doom. Kate Blanchette’s British accent kept sneaking into her Russian accent. Lots of humourous parts, and tons of action in the true Indy fashion. Faithful to the previous films but there is something missing without Denholm Elliott and Karen Allen doesn’t really fill that void, strangely. Her character comes across as softer in her old age, but Harrison Ford still has “it” as Indy. The ADR really stood out to me. Worth watching and it’s playing at the Rio, which is my favourite theater, and you should go there to watch it. I would see it again myself, if only to try to digest the somewhat convoluted storyline a bit better.

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  1. I walk by where that scene was shot every day. When I go see it tomorrow night in the local theater, we’ll all be cheering, even though we were all grumpy about the disruption to our routine. Suppose that’s something Vancouverites are more used to?

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