In case you were wondering, the rock show went really well. I printed up my new shirts – yes, this one – and sold a couple, along with all the CDs I brought except for a few copies of Great Old Ones. The new costume worked out fine and I didn’t take the helmet off until the second last song. Calamario also looked great in his new betentacled outfit. Adam PW Smith was there to help us with the lights and take photos, and when he gets back from his vacation he promises to send me some pics which I’ll share of course. The Get Away Sticks opened for us and The Dreadnoughts closed the night. We got the middle slot. Most bands prefer to “headline” the show but since we are all old farts, as are our friends, we prefer to get home early so the middle slot actually has the largest audience, I find. Nevermind that I had to stay through the entire lineup to get paid at the end of the night, The Dreadnoughts were quite entertaining and also had many a squid motif. A large stuff Care Bear (TM) with a shamrock on it’s tummy was tossed around like a ball in the audience. Deanna knows the bear’s name but I don’t.

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