Post-80's Live Action Superhero Films, Rated in Order.

All scores out of 10…

X2 (Wolverine’s backstory): 8
Spider-Man 2 (Doctor Octopus): 8
Spider-Man (Green Goblin): 8
Superman Returns: 7
X-Men (Brotherhood of Mutants): 7
Batman Begins: 6
X-Men: The Last Stand (Phoenix/Mutant Cure/the one with Toren in it): 6.5
Hulk: 6.5
Spider-Man 3 (Venom & Sandman): 6
Iron Man: 5
Electra: 5
Fantastic Four (Doom): 3
4: Rise of the Silver Surfer: 3

Didn’t see: Daredevil; Ghost Rider; Catwoman. Saw Spawn but don’t remember it.
Hellboy and Blade are borderline superhero movies, I don’t include them in the list but their ratings are both 6.

11 Replies to “Post-80's Live Action Superhero Films, Rated in Order.”

  1. Like I said last night (after Iron Man), you’re much more discerning than I am.

    Iron Man was a good, fun movie. I thought X-Men was as good as Spiderman, which admittedly sets the standard for superhero movies.

  2. Iron Man was only a 5? Really? It’s much much higher on my list, and then earns an extra point for the secret after the credits roll.

  3. I stayed until the end of the credits of Iron Man and I didn’t see any secrets. But I did notice that they used the original 1960’s Iron Man theme as a motif for some of the soundtrack, which was fabulous.

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen doesn’t qualify as a superhero movie.

    Superman Returns had a good heart to it, even though there was a lot of weak writing. I found Iron Man to be much much weaker in story, and it didn’t have a good heart either. Maybe I’ll explain that in another post in a couple weeks after everyone’s had a chance to see it. Or choose not to see it.

  4. Toren, I’m totally surprised that Hellboy didn’t rate higher on your list. I was delighted by the likeness of Hellboy to a COC game.

    I wasn’t aware the Wolverine movie had been released yet. Is it online already?

  5. I couldn’t get past the acting in Hellboy. Not that the actors had much to work with because Mignola’s dialogue, bless his heart, works great in the comics, not so much in the film world. Not a bad film, just not great.

  6. I haven’t seen Iron Man yet, but I really disliked Superman Returns. The only actual fight Superman got into was against regular thugs while weak from Kryptonite. There’s more super-action in an episode of Smallville.

    And their Lois Lane was awful — she wasn’t a sassy strong woman, she just smoked cigarettes. I’d rate it a 5/10, max, and sometimes lower.

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