Stasi "was the official secret police of East Germany"

Thanks, Wikipedia and Harper’s Weekly, now I know something that I didn’t know before. And for why? Because last week Grainy pornographic films made for officers of the People’s Army of former Communist East Germany have surfaced in the Stasi files in Berlin. Other good news is that a triceratops skeleton didn’t meet the owner’s reserve minimum of 500,000 euros at a Christie’s auction so it didn’t sell. If it comes down to less than $100 does anyone want to pitch in? I think it would make a good D&D mini.

A coronal mass ejection is when the sun spews billions of tons of ionized hydrogen and helium into space. Sometimes these CMEs, which I like to call sun sharts, knock out our aircraft control gear and power grids. Here’s an amazing video of one of them wrecking a passing comet.

Also, every day is Earth Day. But especially today for some people.

And if all that doesn’t have you rolling on the floor laughing, this will. (For those who don’t know me, I’m being facetious. Although how dumb do you have to be?)