Rhinosferatu at the VAG?

Cloudscape is a sort of comics collective. They’ve put out issue number one and now are working on number two. I’ve submitted to get some pages in it and that’s what I’m currently working on. For the second issue the organizers decided that it needed a theme so I have been putting my mind to coming up with a story of “history” that doesn’t have to do with Spaceship Zero or the other comic that I actually have finished pages for.

So, World Wildlife Federation of Justice.

In Tudor times a family of rhinos goes to a castle inhabited by a bat. Spending the night, the husband wakes up to find his family gone so searches the castle. I won’t spoil any more except that this is the origin story of Rhinosferatu. I’m only planning two, maybe three pages so it can’t be too complicated.

In the meantime I’m also working on the other comic and hope to have lots more work done before Comix & Stories, the annual comic convention that this year is being held at the VAG as part of the KRAZY! exhibit. Mark Sunday Aug 24 on your calendar because that’s the day you’re going to come and visit me at my table at the VAG. It’s gonna be cooooooooool.