On A Budget For Obvious Reasons

Facebook should take “Maybe Attending” off of the list of checkboxes for Events. If not remove it altogether, they should at least change it to “I Have Problems Saying No To People But I Still Won’t Show Up.”

Here’s what’s new as of this weekend:

I moved my drawing stuff into the studio with Ed. Not much more to say about that except I’m interested to see how much more productive I am, and also that I now have more room in my bedroom now that the drawing stuff is excised.

My cat is insane. Apparently he’s a vicious bastard when I’m not home, and an affectionate suck-up when I am (sometimes a jerk then too). He’s attacked at least two of my roommates over the past 12 hours while I was out. Me spending more time at the studio is not going to help this issue, so I’m at a loss. I’ve emailed the Vancouver Feline Hospital and the Humane Society to see if they have any advice. If he doesn’t straighten out I may have to put him into Cat Therapy, by which I mean a bag in the river.

Best and I had a serious talk about our relationship. It’s going really well. Crazy good. Neither of us expected it to go this well. The scariest thing about it is that nothing has gone wrong yet. It’s like we’ve been waiting for a bomb to drop and we’re still waiting, and that in itself is stressful. Too much shellshock from previous relationships? Perhaps we need to schedule a big fight so we can move on.

Since De is losing a roommate and I have studio rent to deal with, we’ve both decided that we’re on a budget, so we’ve been going grocery shopping and cooking, which is something I’ve fallen out of practice with. Until this weekend we had cooked at home twice – that’s once a month for those who are counting. But I am relearning my old skills and it’s a lot of fun to cook together, even if it doesn’t taste as good as restaurant food and is only slightly less expensive. I’ve also decided to be generally more spendthrift as I’ve been spending money like it’s been going out of style lately and we’re both saving up for events later this year (me: PAX and World Fantasy Con and possibly other comic cons) so I’m cutting back on the internet purchases for a while. But that said I picked up Tekkonkinkreet and Justice League: New Frontier from Happy Bats Cinema this week and watched both of them. JL:NF was a little disappointing but Tekkonkinkreet was great, except for the ending which was laboured and weird. I have been trying to figure out who is responsible for the style of that movie, and with the segment “Beyond” from the Animatrix, and one of the segments for the upcoming “Batman: Gotham Knight” DVD anthology coming out a the same time as the movie. I think it’s Studio 4°C, the production studio. Anyway, I like it, which makes me look forward to at least one of the six segments on the forthcoming Batman DVD, though I am dubious about the other five.
For obvious reasons.

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  1. Toren,

    Any thoughts about attending the Emerald City Comicon this year in Seattle? It’s a fun show that draws a crowd of about 6000.

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