Error Reading From Network

“Cause: Connection closed by foreign host.”
What does that mean?
Still having internet problems, if any techies want to give a poor artist a helping e-hand.
It gives me this message about 30-50% of the time when I try to send email through my Eudora program.

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  1. More info: this is the message reported by Toren’s email program (I think it’s outlook?) when he tries to send mail.

    I think that means that the pop server is disconnecting him for some reason… timeout maybe? I got nothing. What’s weird is that it’s not reliable… it only happens once in a while. I think calling Telus tech support is the best bet.

  2. I suspect this is a different problem than the ones described in that thread–only because T is able to send mail most of the time. It’s only once in a while that he gets that error.

    Tonight let’s set up Thunderbird and see if you have the same problem.

  3. Is Thunderbird having the same difficulties sending mail that Eudora was? Also, how do you like it as an email client? I like it, but it’s the only one I’ve ever used besides OSX’s built-in mail client.

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