Live Long And Reclaim Property

After we came out of the exhibits at the Royal BC Museum, we got our bags out of coat check. I wasn’t sure where I put my camera so I dug around, but couldn’t find it. We turned over the couch we were on and one of the ladies at the coat check noticed and asked if we had lost something. I told her I had lost my camera. She went over to security to ask if a camera had been turned in while we continued searching in vain. She came back to tell us it was so, and I went over to claim my camera, which I did after describing it rather poorly (turns out it’s an Olympus, which I’ll have to remember for next time). This means someone found my camera, and instead of keeping it, turned it in to the lost and found. I will never know who that person is but I will keep his or her spirit alive and will from this day forward not take things that don’t belong to me. Actually, I have been doing this for years and I am glad that I’m not the only one. This is how society is supposed to work and I take it as a step forward to a Star Trek-like utopia where money does not exist, until the Ferengi are introduced at which point it becomes an important plot point every week.

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  1. I’ve lost two digicams simply by putting them down somewhere and then stepping away for a short time. Nice to hear yours showed up.

    Also: Star Trek has money whenever someone has to offer to pay for a drink.

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