We Were In Victoria For the Weekend

Now edited with words!

So, thanks to that Jesus guy I didn’t have to work on Monday, and neither did Best, so we booked a hotel and hopped on a ferry for Victoria. The bus trip was long and arduous, but we read comics and ate cafetorium food on the ferry and managed to ignore most of the children so the boat trip was quite nice. Some of us also drew secret comic book stuff. It’s taking me forever to read Top 10.

This is Deanna’s “I just got roofied” look.

This is Deanna’s “I’m a pixie!” look.

This is us FINALLY getting to the Royal Museum. There wasn’t anything good playing at the IMAX theater. We saw ammonites and mastodon teeth and squid and lots of other cool natural history stuff, plus we speedwalked through the native peoples floor. Though there was lots of interesting stuff there, I felt like I’d seen most of it at the UBC Museum of Anthropology. They did have a 50mm scale replica of a native american village which made me want to get out my d20.

This is my gay Rocket Robin Hood pose.

That purchase has served us well on the long bus ride home.

We went the Victoria Bug Zoo and it was great. There were a lot of kids asking irrelevant, stupid questions but the guide was great and answered my questions, and I got to show off to Best with my entymological knowledge, which totally made her want me. The Bug Zoo would have been a perfect opportunity for Best to deal with her fear of centipedes and millipedes, or possibly to have it compounded, but she just pretended they weren’t there.

Take that, Deannosaurus!

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  1. I can’t believe you put the millipede photo there! Disgusting!
    Also, I am a member of the Wood Mountain Lakota band so it isn’t so much racist as it is rude. I can’t speak for Toren though.

  2. Agreed. I used rasict in the singular and since Toren was writing… Plus I know he hates the movie Dances With Wolves

  3. “It’s taking me forever to read Top 10” I raced through both volumes. I was surprisingly caught up in the characters.

  4. p.s. I’d forgotten how unbearable it is to watch people in lurve. Thanks for the reminder.

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