Moving On…

Okay, moving on with whatever friends I have left….

Today I had a voiceover job for a car commercial. It is paying more than twice the amount of money I made during the entirety of a certain year that I was doing nothing but freelance art (based on net income, not gross). This, to me, is completely nuts and morally unsound, but at least this will afford me the luxury of dropping the 9-5 habit which in turn will allow me to get back on track with my comic book projects. Tomorrow I am looking at co-renting a studio at Kingsway and Broadway.

I can now hang around sick people.

The weird thing is, though I was making more money per hour than I ever have before – dramatically so — I was way more nervous dropping in on Best unannounced at her work (a first) than I was about the acting job.

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  1. Bev. says she might be interested in a studio share, so feel free to drop her a note if you are so inclined. Have fun.

  2. I would only call you morally unsound if you stole an extra pack of peanut butter from the craft service table. Set etiquette is EVERYTHING in showbiz!

  3. Making money is not morally unsound. A product is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. Someone was willing to pay a lot for your voice, it’s all good.


  4. That’s one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that there’s no way a day of being in a sound booth is worth the same as a year of drawing. Nor is it worth a month or two of construction work (I have no idea what these people take in).

    Although to complicate things my agent suggests I look at payment for a gig as compensation for going to all those auditions that I didn’t book. Still….

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    Or you could donate it to your favourite charity.

  6. I agree with what your agent says, and would add that you’re also being paid for all the time you’ve spent working on your voice.

    You’re also being paid a lot because your client will be making a huge amount of money from your work and it’s only fair.

    Make as much as you can, you commie. If you end up making too much, do what Woods says. The last part, not the hookers-and-blow part.

  7. I say follow the first suggestion of sidswoorch and invite me along because what is debauchery without an entourage – well, let me tell you – it is nothing!
    But all jokes of snorting cocaine off of breasts aside – I think the money pays you for your skill development and allows you to do the things which you love. Think of it as Toyota subsidizing all the community work you do for which you will never be paid.

  8. A friend in Calgary had a small, no talking part in a car commercial and it essentially bought him a house – why? The commercial went national. It’s odd, but all the rules set in place to protect actors from being taken for granted (or in your case, your senseless hatred of money) made it so that he got paid for the commercial and then got more money when it moved to other markets.

    Did you get that place at King and Bway?

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