I am now currently unpacking and setting up my room. At the moment I don’t have a bed (there will be a trip to Ikea on Monday, unless something else {craigslisty} comes up), and I can’t fit both my entertainment section (i.e. TV) and my drawing table in the room with everything else. Problems problems problems that only money can solve.

Kodos seems to be weathering this move much better than the last one. Last time when he arrived at the house he found a dark corner and stayed there for hours and hours, this time he was less whiny and more apt to wander about and sniff things. I am keeping him sequestered in my room (which unfortunately means it already smells like cat litter in here) for an indeterminate transition period – I think at the moment each of the two cats here don’t know the other exists. Stephane helped me take Kodos to the vet which was a traumatizing affair – more so the car ride in a tiny cat carrier than getting poked in the back with a couple of needles.

I am enjoying the options in the new ‘hood; walking distance of Topanga’s Mexican restaurant (good nachos), an Indian restaurant, and the Naam for those times at 3am when nothing but fries with miso gravy and a fruity crumble with ice cream will do. There’s also a ton of places five short blocks up to Broadway. And I’m dangerously close to a Dairy Queen. Gord help me.

I will say that it’s weird being in a place with carpet after 12 years without.

I found out today that I got a very prominent voice acting gig that will be happening some time in the first two weeks of March. So if you have a cold stay away from me.

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  1. Did you hear on the news that a house on Alexandra burnt down, 5 occupants escaped, but an occupant was found deceased later. Was scared it was your house and you were there, but see by your blog you are safely away. I haven’t been logged on for a week as I was home with a bad cold, can’t even escape sickness down here in the warm place, it’s in the 20’s today. Take care, happy new home, Mom

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