A Very Relaxing and Awesome Weekend

All of this stuff happened this weekend and all of it with Deanna (who I refer to as “Best”):

Confucius Chinese Restaurant delivers bubble tea! And also Chinese Food.
I draw pirates while watching March of the Penguins finally (anyone want the DVD now that I’m done with it?) and while Best plays World of Warcrack.
Gaming at The Comicshop – a D&D zombie survival adventure. We ran out of holy water so we had the peasants pee in the aspersorium and the priest bless it. “I can’t go when there are zombies in the room!” was heard to be said. Superfun group.
Homemade pasta while watching WarGames on TCM. I wish I could remember all of the General’s down-home colloquialisms.
Reading Mouse Guard
Catching the tail end of the Chinese New Year’s Parade and visiting Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden. Unfortunately the bubble tea place was out of tapioca pearls which precluded any purchase from me.
Watching more episodes of Metalocalypse, which I think is the one and only DVD that Best owns, so that says a world of awesomeness right there. Not that I’m trying to convince you how awesome Best is – she made the moves on me so case closed. [addendum: she owns the Lord of the Rings DVDs too]
Homemade rib dinner at Dillon & Yvette’s while watching the train wreck that is The Grammy Awards (I think I’m good for another generation on that front). Only Stevie Wonder had to memorize his lines, although Cindy Lauper looked like she made a good try.

Here you can see a dragon reaching up to eat lettuce dangled in front of a business. We learned later that if the dragon eats your boutique’s lettuce it is supposed to bring prosperity for the new year. Oh those crazy Chinese! (You will have to make up your own sound as my camera has no mic.)

Random fun facts about De:

Her dog’s name is Lunch and she’s super well behaved (the dog, not Deanna. De needs some obedience classes pronto).
We met at a gaming convention at the Marpole Curling Club several years ago and she is super nerdy in the best possible sense of the word.
She is deep into the dark sub-levels of activism and is the education manager for an organization that handles litigation regarding women’s discrimination.
She was a hardcore Christian 15 years ago but now she’s decidedly not.
She can field strip and reassemble an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle in 49 seconds. Actually I made up that last one, but it might be true!

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  1. I play on Emerald Dream. My toons are all pretty low level as I just switched over from Zul’jin and didn’t bother to do a character transfer (none of them where very high either – I am not a very committed player).

  2. My favourite is my gnome mage. She has green spiky hair and I dress her like the gnome version of laura croft. She is also pretty tough despite making the cutest train sound ever. Yours? Anyone on my server?

  3. i can’t recall which server i’m on but a bunch of us have a horde guild. i think it is Naz’ghul or some apostrophe laden name like that. i have an orc warlock named Bumhole. he and Gimptard (another Orc Warlock) stand outside Ogrimmar and laugh at blood elves. we are working up the courage to steal our mom’s mount and go for a joy ride but that may take a while.

  4. Blood elves deserve to be laughed at! I would laugh at them too but generally speaking they are tougher than me so I keep the laughing to real life where they can’t hear me. My name is honeynutbar and I usually am rollin’ with my crew: datesquare and oatcake. A name like bumhole would totally get you reported by the law abiding geeks in the alliance. Lawful good is always boring!

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