2008 Saturday Morning Cartoon Party

So this evening I went over to Mike’s place, which is to say my new place. I am officially living in two houses right now. I decided rather than stress over one or two days of moving I’d just pay rent for both places for the month and stretch moving over a couple of weeks. Still looking for help if you’ve got days free after the 12th and some kind of a vehicle.

The exciting bit is that Mike & Alannah are keen for the 2008 Saturday Morning Cartoon Party, which I imagine will happen some day in March, but not on the 1st and not on the 29th. So if you want to join us speak up if you have availability issues for certain Saturday mornings/afternoons. They have a nice big ADHD televisor set and it’s a fair sized room. If anyone visits the states in between now and then bring me up a box of Peanut Butter Capn’ Crunch!

The theme this year will be “time” and here are some contenders for the schedule:

THE RIPPING FRIENDS: The Man From Next Tuesday **
POWERPUFF GIRLS: Speed Demons or Get Back JoJo ****
THE TICK: The Tick VS Pre-History OR Leonardo Da Vinci and his Fightin’ Time Commandos ***
STAR TREK ANIMATED: The Counter-Clock Incident **
FUTURAMA: Time Keeps on Slipping ****
DUCKMAN: The Once and Future Duck ****
TRANSFORMERS: A Decepticon in King Arthur’s Court (if I can get it) **
THE HERCULOIDS: The Time Creatures *
FREAKAZOID! Freakazoid is History ****
JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Once And Future Thing ***
SUPERFRIENDS: The Krypton Syndrome OR Time Trap OR Time Rescue OR The Mysterious Time Creatures **
ROCKET ROBIN HOOD: The Time Machine *
THE VENTURE BROTHERS: Escape to the House of Mummies Part II ****
LOONEY TUNES: That one with Bugs & Elmer getting really old, the title of which I forget at the moment. ****
SAMURAI JACK: could be any episode, really. I have some favourites. ****
THE SIMPSONS: the one with the toaster and the disturbing universes ****
HARVEY BIRDMAN: Back to the Present (anyone have this?)
SEALAB 2021: Lost in Time ***
HULK: Terror of the T-Gun *
MEN IN BLACK: The Head Trip Syndrome OR The Way Out West Syndrome OR The Future’s So Bright Syndrome **

Any other requests let me know.

Previous themes:

2007 (tenth): Mind Games
2006 (ninth): April Fools (pranksters and nutjobs)
2005 (eighth): Outer Space
2004 (seventh): Double Trouble (doppelgangers, clones, impostors)
2003 (sixth): The Supernatural
2002 (fifth): Secret Origins
2001 (fourth): Robots!
2000 (third): I don’t remember…
1999 (second): I don’t remember…
1998 (first): none?

8 Replies to “2008 Saturday Morning Cartoon Party”

  1. I am planning a trip to Seattle sometime in the next month. I’ll try to remember to get you your crazy Freedom Cereal.

    Also, I can has Herculoids?

  2. Please, please, please have it between March 17-21! My wife and son will be out of town and I will be FREE to PAR-TAY. As much as I dislike the term ‘PAR-TAY’ its the only term that fits!

    Keep your best and most loyal friend in mind…

    By that I mean Jordan Pratt.

  3. The new Futurama straight-to-DVD “Bender’s Big Score” is time-related, though at 89 minutes it’s probably a bit long for this party.

  4. And I imagine that the folks attending would have seen “Bender’s Big Score” recently (twice) or they will have their cartoon membership (from ACME) revoked!

  5. ‘But March 17-21 is Monday through Friday, and it’s a SATURDAY morning cartoon party!’

    OOPS. The 15th is perfect if things stay as is.

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