The Only Thing You Need To Know Before Going To See "Cloverfield"

It’s presented by Shaky Camera Cinema, so if you get motion sickness, you may not enjoy the movie.

At the movie we were looking at the poster for I Am Legend and I was talking about some of the topics in film that always interest me: 1) post-apocalyptic/last man on Earth and 2) time travel/paradoxes/manipulation. I even watched Clockstoppers (directed by Commander Riker), though I haven’t seen the newish The Time Machine with Guy Pearce. So if you’re asking about my opinion on movies in these sub-genres you should know I’m biased.

This is why I need to see The Quiet Earth again.

2 Replies to “The Only Thing You Need To Know Before Going To See "Cloverfield"”

  1. I barely made it through Blair Witch, had to walk out of Dancer in the Dark, and can’t be in the same room as someone playing a first-person shooter. Oddly enough I never get motion sick from actual motion.

    I took Gravol before seeing Cloverfield and I was completely fine.

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