Comics by Candlelight

The power was out here for several hours so I had a chance to catch up on my comic book reading by candlelight. I finished reading Captain Carrot and the Final Ark and was left cold and empty inside.

On Friday Kolja, Barbara and I went down to Wizards of the Coast in Seattle to pitch our comic. It was a good meeting, though no decisions have yet been made, and Chris P treated us to a delightful Thai lunch. Of all the terrifying secrets of D&D that I harbor I can only tell you that the minis department’s Christmas gift to the rest of the company was a limited edition beholder painted ‘snowball’ white. How’s that for a cool collectors item?

On the way back we stopped at Thriftway and picked up some American cereal like Cookie Crisp and Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries. Good times!

Here’s a sample from page four.