From the makers of the best short on Animatrix.

I’ve been noticing more and more that people are misusing the word anime. Anime is Japanese animation. So when you say “this is a decent French anime” you are saying “this is a decent French Japanese animated film.” So don’t do that.

Meanwhile, here’s an anime which looks like something I can get behind. If it was in the theaters here, I missed it. But if I see it for rent, I’ll check it out! The English title is Tekkonkinkreet.

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  1. I saw this playing at my local video store and I agree, it looks great. The style reminds me of Aon Flux (well, the faces, anyway). I love the scene with the giant marionettes. One of these days I’ll pick it up and watch it with you. And by one of these days, I mean this week, because I’m back to work next Tuesday. šŸ™

  2. Actually you are incorrect in your assertion that anime is strictly referring to Japanese animation. When most people hear the word anime, most of them think of Japanese animation. However, the actual word anime (??? in Japanese) is used in Japan as describing animation in general. They took it from the English word ‘animation’. Anime thus does not strictly equal Japanese animation. Hence, while it would sound improper (unless the person happened to be Japanese, took Japanese or is learning Japanese or is in some other way using it with full knowledge of what it actually means) it is not strictly wrong to say French anime.

  3. That’s all well and good if we’re speaking Japanese, but we’re not. Perhaps in the strictest sense it may not be technically wrong to say French anime, but if I did people would look at me like I was nuts, and they’d be right to do so.

    Anime connotes Japanese-style animation just like hentai connotes Japanese-style smut, fantastique connotes a certain kind of French literature & cinema, and giallo connotes Italian-style genre film.

    In Japanese, ‘sake’ can mean any alcoholic beverage. But if I say I’m going out for sake with the guys tonight, nobody thinks we’re going to drink anything but rice wine.

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