Merry Crockmas

I almost did another Crock experiment today but I got up too late.

This is kind of how I feel about the crock pot: click me

2 Replies to “Merry Crockmas”

  1. At least you gave it a go. Hmm Let’s see. . . Coffee experiment. . . check. Crockpot experiment, , , check. What’s next? Ah yes! Invisibility! Toren, if you swallow two pieces of Bubble Yum you can be invisible for one hour. It would best to try it outside where there are people about so you can see if they see you. Oh yeah, your clothes won’t turn invisible so you’ll have to do the experiment naked.

    Good luck!

  2. Bravo to the Todd Barry bit! If I could have a feeding tube like Terry Schiavo I’d do it in a second. Then I’d never have to quit painting after fighting a treacherous 8 hours to get in the zone only to be felled by a surly, growling stomach.

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