Brown Jenkin!

I hate these “what character are you” tests but this one is actually well written and entertaining to an old fan of HPL.

Your Score: Brown Jenkin

In H. P. Lovecraft’s universe you are

Brown Jenkin

Benevolence Inquisitiveness Obstinacy Discretion
low high low high

This familiar to the witch Keziah Mason is described as looking like a large rat but with a malevolent human face and tiny human hands. Acting as courier between Mason and the devil (not necessarily the devil as known in traditional religions), it was agile both in mind and body, loyal, and secretive. Other than the physical description and the loathsome nature of its mistress, it’s not a bad alter ego; there are certainly worse characters to align with in Lovecraft’s universe. A quick wit and agile hands will serve you well as long as you use your natural abilities for good rather than evil. Oh, and resolve to eat a healthy diet: Brown Jenkin’s tastes are too repulsive to be detailed here. If you really want to know the grisly details of this character, you can read about them in The Dreams In The Witch-House.

The image above comes from Dreams in the Witch-House (2005), an episode of Showtime’s “Masters of Horror” series. Yevgen Voronin plays Brown Jenkin.

Similar Entities

less inquisitive

more benevolent

less discrete


Your Inquisitiveness score indicates a desire to thoroughly research new activities. This may be a good or bad thing: if it stems from a fear of being ridiculed for a mistake or a mistrust of your own instincts, it’s a drawback; if it’s the result of rigorous training or natural curiosity tempered with skepticism, it’s a strength. In either case you’re more likely to study first and act later rather than move ahead rashly without getting all the facts. In Lovecraftian terms, you’re the person who goes to the library, catacomb, or museum to study the ancient text, or you assemble the scattered pieces of the protective amulet before facing the horror lurking in the shadows. Alas, often it’s reading the text or assembling the amulet that releases the [insert entity here], which emerges to destroy the universe beginning with you.

As I’ll explain fully on the Methodology and Characters page (see link below), there really aren’t any “correct” answers to this test, but some are more incorrect than others. Your Benevolence score is the result of some very incorrect answers. You’ve consistently chosen the most aggressive and hostile of the possible responses, and while your choices may be the result of an antisocial attitude, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and suggest that you’ve been trained to be suspicious, perhaps as part of your job in the police force, army, or somewhere else where a high awareness of threats serves you well. Such people are often either the first or last to die in a Lovecraft story: if they’re not the first line of defense (and thus the first course in something’s meal), they’re often resourceful enough to evade the horror until the final page.

Your Obstinacy score indicates alertness to danger and agility in avoiding it. Having a low level of obstinacy may seem like a good thing to you, but in Lovecraft Land it really just defines the nature of your doom. You’re the character who stays where he belongs, who doesn’t unlock the forbidden door, who doesn’t read the ancient inscription aloud, who doesn’t consort with weird creatures in his dreams, who avoids the sinister new neighbors, who doesn’t drink from the mysterious vial. Too bad: the stuff in that vial would have saved you from Cthulhu!

Your Discretion score indicates ability to keep a secret and go about your business without calling attention to yourself. In the real world that’s a good thing, but in a Lovecraft story it can be fatal. You’re the character who keeps his discoveries to himself and thus precludes any warning or rescue from those who may have unearthed a piece of the Cosmic Puzzle that could counteract the one imperiling you. When you travel into the Unknown, you go alone and tell nobody your destination; eventually it’s just you standing before Something Huge and Horrible on the next-to-last page.

Test Methodology and Complete List of Characters

The comparisons below won’t mean much because this test only records the categories (high, medium high, medium low, or low) of your scores rather than the exact values, and the totals only include half the possible range of characters. The comparisons at the end of The OkLovecraft Test are much better indicators of how your results compare to those of other test-takers.

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  1. I’m the Haunter of the Dark. Woo!

    I don’t think I’m sure I want to know what that says about me. Still, ‘least I’m not one of those vile Marshs.


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