I Also Love Dim Sum

After reading this post, Jason wrote:

I’ve been following your food travails with intrigue and interest. I think this post answered the big question that I have had: Why does he eat so badly? A: You’re addicted to junk food.

It’s really too bad that you are so resistant to cooking and/or eating healthy food. There is a vast, and I mean VAST world of amazing flavor and satisfaction out there that crushes your pathetic grocery store 7 layer dip and M&M’s into the dust.

I’m sure that you have heard all this ad nauseum but I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Kudos to you on the crockpottery experimentation!! Might I suggest cruising the used bookstores …for things like [The Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes]:

I will not deny that I am addicted to junk food, but I would go farther and say that I have an addiction to rich foods. How many of the following would you consider ‘junk food’: chicken shawarma, dolmathes, pita & houmous, fresh pineapple, grapes & cherry tomatoes, butter chicken, chicken korma, thin crust feta-only kalamata olive & sundried tomato pizza, Max’s turkey stuffing, goat cheese on whole wheat crackers, mixed nuts (heavy on the cashews), and anything that’s on the menu at a Mexican restaurant.

Tell me about this vast world of amazing flavour that is also healthy! I have no aversion to eating healthy as long as it satisfies my sweet tooth. I have cooked before. I used to own a few cookbooks and tried making various Indian recipes. I would make pasta with different kinds of sauces. I would make nice soft boiled potatoes with a moderate amount of butter and parmesan cheese. This was all before I found out that carbs were making me fat. I would even boil up corn on the cob – with nothing on it – pretty much until I moved. And even when I order Chinese food, it’s never sweet & sour pork, it’s always chicken with vegetables and cashew nuts. The problem is that I’ll eat several plates of the stuff and then I’ll still want a baklava or ice cream, and I won’t be satisfied with a small portion of that either. It’s not like I haven’t eaten salads and broccoli – I enjoy them greatly and would eat until I can’t eat any more. And then I want a butter tart. I remember two Christmases ago I ate about a dozen mandarin oranges and subsequently refamiliarized myself with the reading material in the bathroom.
The problem is that I’m a glutton. I need a long term gluttony-management strategy.

I left my cookbooks at the old place because they just didn’t get used. There’s a wealth of recipes on the web, and that’s what I’ve been using for my crockery. I saved 17 crock recipes to my computer, and I’ve adapted 4 of them.

Crock Experiment #4 Orange ginger pumpkin spice chicken, merging this recipe with this recipe.

As ushered by Jess and Geisel, I changed the temperature and duration of cooking for this one. I cooked this dish on high but only for the first three hours, because then I went to bed and didn’t want to leave it on high overnight. So total cooking time was 12 hours, 3 of which was on high, the rest on low. And it’s true, the yams definitely are crumbling at the touch of a fork. So – success in that regard!

The contents:

chicken, obviously
butternut squash
yellow bell peppers
can of concentrated orange juice
pumpkin spice
coconut extract

I toned down slightly the amount of ingredients I’ve been putting in. Nevertheless, this was sadly too disgusting to eat, and it got flushed (except for the chicken itself). I think next time I’m going to keep it to the bare essentials.

Day 24: Crockery 150 orange 100 granoli 110 ice cream 25 crockery 100 tomatoes 35 crockery 175 ice cream 25 granoli 220 = 950

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  1. Point well taken. It sounds as though you are well aware of the “world of delicious foodery”. I have to admit that I will go for the rich dishes before the healthier ones 9 times out of 10. I grew up a vegetarian (but ate seafood) so I know of many of the corners that can be cut when it comes to healthy eating. Unsalted butter, olive oil instead of vege oil, etc.

    “chicken shawarma, dolmathes, butter chicken, chicken korma, Max’s turkey stuffing”

    All delicious but seriously butter and oil based! Try making a lovely dal in your cooker and pair that with one of those Safeway chickens. Yum.

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