Saving Up For Chips / Crock #5

Oh tomorrow is D&D and there will likely be unhealthy snacks.

This morning I had eating cookies dreams.

I’ve had a large mole on my toe for as long as I can remember, but lately I noticed there are black spots on it which weren’t there before. My physician says it’s too big for him to tackle, so he’s referring me to a plastic surgeon! Maybe I’ll get my chin tucked while I’m there. Anyway, while in his office I weighed myself on that big old traditional scale where you move the weights left and right and I was 183 lbs. Only four pounds to go! I have a feeling those may be the most difficult ones.

Crock Experiment #5: chicken breasts; chicken broth; garlic; lots of salt; potatoes; carrots; squash; pumpkin spice; coconut extract; 5 cardamoms; pepper. Truly, less is more – this is a good one! On LOW for 12 hours and everything’s nice and mushy.

Day 25: Crispy Delights 90 apple 100 granoli 110 granoli 110 apple 100 ice cream 50 vegetarian chili 180 granoli 110 ice cream 50 banana 150 ice cream =1100

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  1. How was D&D? Please tell me the bard died. A slow painful death, while he was trying to sing his way out of some situation. Like a giant sewer octopus slowly strangling him, singing his very last breath. And if the bard didn’t die… there’s always next time.

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