Day 15 & 16: Saving Up Is Hard To Do

Well I’m down to 186 lbs, says Joe’s scale. That’s about 10 lbs in two weeks, which is consistent with what I was doing when I was on MediFast, only instead of eating those powdery packets of food I’m eating real food like oranges and apples and…ice cream bars? If you call that real food. Hey, I’m getting my calcium that I wouldn’t be getting anywhere else. At Safeway they have creamsicle bars that are 25 calories each. Hard to believe, and delicious.

Tonight I went a little overboard, strayed from my regime. I went to Joe’s Rock Band (video game) party and there were vegetables, which I ate, but also cheese & crackers and chips & 7 layer dip, which I also ate. If I wasn’t on this hella restrictive diet nobody would accuse me of making a pig of myself, but on a diet where I’m trying to keep each sitting to 200 calories or less, well, that’s not something I did tonight.

On the MediFast diet one of the pieces of advice is to stay out of social situations where bad food is present. Makes sense, but if I did that, I wouldn’t be playing D&D or even seeing my friends that often. So my solution to that is just to plan for it. I knew that I’d be going to Joe’s tonight so I just was extra conservative on the calories leading up to it.

Day 15: ice cream 70 granoli 110 ice cream 100 apple 100 ice cream 140 turkey 180 green beans 60 granoli 130 ice cream 25 = 915 calories

Day 16: granoli 110 ice cream 25 grape tomatoes 150 Rock Band party snackables 350 crock pot experiment two 200 ice cream 25 = 900 calories