Day 10 & 11: What A Crock

I went to a callback this morning after a fitful sleep and for some inexplicable reason I didn’t feel like riding my bike downtown, so I took the bus. I think it was because subconsciously I knew it would give me the opportunity to pick up a $30 slow cooker at London Drugs, which I did.

Day 10: orange 100 candy 200 cookie 70 orange 100 turkey 200 can of green beans 50 vegetable chili 180 = 900 calories

Day 11: apple 100 granola bar 110 ice cream 100 ukulelology pie 200 more ukelelology pie (not looking good here) 200 Breyers fudgy bar 70 carrots 120 = 900 calories

4 Replies to “Day 10 & 11: What A Crock”

  1. Congratulations on your new crock pot. This is your opportunity to go the way of Blendtec on youtube, “Will it Blend?” except in your case, “Will it Crock?” Putting various things in the pot for 10-12 hours. I’d give you a starter item but frankly, I’m not that creative.

  2. I listened to that interview, not sure what to think. He makes some good point but I’d have to read the book to make a considered opinion.

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