Day 9: Pizza Party!

Pizza is like sex. When it’s good, it’s great, and when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

Heat Miser, the boss and I talked about the mother of all pizza parties at work on Friday. Here’s the scheme – I think you’re gonna love it, because I do.

– get a bunch of pizza fans together
– decide on a pizza – ham & pineapple or pepperoni or vegetarian: something that all pizza places would have but nobody really specializes in. Let’s say for the sake of discussion that it’s pepperoni (though I prefer H&P)
– order delivery from all of the pizza places that will deliver to us for one small pepperoni pizza.
– make a note of how long it takes to arrive, and the cost of each
– critique each pizza based on such criteria as crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni (taste and generosity)
– get really sick of pizza, if that’s even possible.
– blog about results

Who’s in? I can’t think of a more fun way to spend an evening. Maybe it’s because I’m on a diet.

Day 9: granola bar 130 apple 100 granola bar 130 apple 100 turkey 180 green beans 60 banana 200 cocoa 15 Thinsations 100 = 1015 calories

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  1. As a person who works with pizza companies and marketers, may I suggest sending links to said blog posting to Pizza Magazine: A coordinated review effort by delivery pizza connoisseurs like that would probably warrant a mention in their mag.

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