D-Day 4: 36 Days to Go

Well, good news. Joyce’s scale says I’m at 192, which means I only have 13 lbs to lose.

Mike says:

There is the problem. You are not changing your life style to one of living and eating in a manner conducive to long, healthy life. Before the ’60’s diet meant whole life style, not some obsessive corporately created weight loss madness. Eat wholesome foods in moderate amounts, have the occasional treats like a slice of pizza, a little ice cream, maybe a small piece of cake at a party. These are ok, if you are living a rounded, healthy life style where you eat from around the outside of the supermarket, keep physical activity part of your daily routine, maintain a regular sleep schedule and you’ll be great. Lose the “I must be skinny by” idea and say, “I want to be happy with good food, good activities and good friends.” But remember, have fun or you’ll never, ever succeed.

Any advice on how to eat wholesome foods in moderate amounts? Keeping physical activity a part of my daily routine and maintaining a regular sleep schedule are not problems. Stopping myself from eating (for example) a chocolate cookie for breakfast, a shawarma for lunch and two small pizzas for dinner is a very real problem, and one that I’ve struggled with all my life. I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be average. The human senses have been designed over millions of years to crave and enjoy sugar and fat. How do you make denying yourself those pleasures fun? I hate the fact that if pizza or pastries or chips or ice cream is put in front of me in a social situation, all I can think about is how I can eat as much as possible without drawing attention to it, and that if it’s in front of me when no one else is around, I will eat until I feel sick. And then as soon as I don’t feel sick anymore, I will eat some more. This is why I don’t buy groceries – why I don’t store food for the long term. Food in my cupboard and fridge doesn’t make it to the long term, unless it’s something I don’t care for – something healthy I’ve strategically bought with the best of intentions. Then it’s 3 in the morning, it’s the only thing to eat, and I’m forced to eat canned corn or fresh celery. Unless of course I’m willing to get dressed, get on my bike, and ride to 7-11 or Max’s for some Miss Vickies and a butter tart, which also happens.

Day four: On the menu today: Thinsations (100) + banana (200) + orange (100) + low fat cream of chicken soup (200) + Cadbury Thins (orange & chocolate) (100) + misc (say 100 at most) + sugar-free milkshake (100) + Thinsations! (100) = 1000

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  1. Ya, but are you having fun yet?

    The temptation factor is a huge problem, no question. It got me to type II diabetes and a stroke, so now the choice is not one piece or two, it’s if I want to be blind, kidney failure, or both!

    Nutrition Doctor’s Diet: If it tastes good spit it out! 🙂

  2. I don’t know if this will help but I think it is an interesting site and hey, you never know…


    Also, Jordan told me that if you crave something sweet like cake or chocolate, you should have a bowl of cereal instead. It is sweet and has less calories. I’m talking Honey Nut Cheerios instead of Cocoa Puffs or Count Chocula. Personally, I eat a lot of fruit and yogurt when I get the craving. Grapes and yogurt are plenty sweet!

  3. Hi my love,don’t forget your protein, and mush for breakfast works better to keep you going, also boil or microwave that egg, my fav’s fried egg sandwich,but done in the microwave, make sure you put pam or marg in the container before micro-ing, or you will never egg the egg out, also leave the lid off or it will explode, and put a little garlic or onion flavor in before cooking, and melt some cheese on it after cooking, ummm good. remember to eat bread with lots of fibre, 20 % if you can find it. Safeway has that, we get it for dad.
    Put raisins in your mush, won’t need sugar.
    I also find if you eat a good meal, you won’t need to snack in between, but there is also a theory that you should eat 6 small meals a day, just make sure they are healthy and calorie light.
    Good luck. I find the gym is the only way I can lose weight, just have to go regularly. Hugs x10

  4. ps I guess it’s all my fault, you were started on canned milk as a formula, not mom’s milk, as you and I were in the hospital too long. so don’t rag on yourself too much, but you do have to establish a regular routine.

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