This morning I got up early-ish to bike down to Strategies Games on Main St with the last two pieces of art for the wall-hanging. I wanted to get there as early as possible (aiming for opening at 11am) because I had two more engagements during the day, but I got there at least a half hour later than planned. Still, by the time I got there Darren was just opening the shop which I found curious. while I was there I picked up some pirate miniatures for my Freeport D&D campaign.

It wasn’t far to get down to the Heritage Hall where the Vancouver Comicon was being held. It was supposed to open the same time Strategies opened but when I got there I waited in line and there didn’t seem to be anyone taking money so I left to get some breakfast. By the time I got back I was let in and discussed Secret Comic Project #1 with the gents from Critical Hit Comics, did some drawings, picked up some local comics and some cheap comics, and bumped into a lot of friends, including an old friend who I hadn’t seen for almost a decade, with whom I worked at Duthie Books/Macneill Library Service. She was cleaning out her collection of comics and I aided her as I could with some Tom Strong, New Adventures of The Spirit, and Steve Rude’s X-Men: Children of the Atom. When it comes to inking I think Steve Rude is my #1 go-to guy. I hadn’t planned on staying long but Kevin helped me figure out what was going on with the weirdness of my timing – I didn’t “fall back” with my clocks the night before, so suddenly I had a free hour that I didn’t know what to do with! So I sat down at the Critical Hit Comics table and did some sketches.

Appointment #3 was Drexoll Games and Day Four of the d6 mini-con. I played Burning Wheel with a bunch of fellas but was kind of spacey, tired, and also distracted by the results of my miniatures buying spree. Still lots of fun though.

And here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on lately:


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  1. Aspects of your latest remind me of Bill Willingham’s game work from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Cool. Show us more.

  2. I was a huge Bill Willingham fan back when he was doing soem really cool things with the Elementals (for Comico comics, I think). His new series, Fables, about modern fairy tales won an Eisner award. Good stuff.

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