Life is Not Fair

I know this guy who went in to record one line of dialogue for a toy commercial. He actually worked for about 20 minutes, and spent another 2 hours waiting for his turn with the other voice actors. Not very professional to say this on a blog but he got paid ~$2100 including a 2 year “buyout”, after paying his agent’s cut. This is about the same that an average illustrator for roleplaying games makes in 2 months. Isn’t that heinously outrageous and outrageously heinous? Of course one could say that the amount paid for the gig balances for the actor’s time going to numerous auditions for which he never got the role, and other expenses like headshots, resumes and so forth; and one could say that it also balances other arts of dubious cultural significance which the actor may have worked hard on for little or no pay. Either way, isn’t it interesting? Nice work if you can get it.

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