The Vessel

On Saturday morning Mike called with a couple very important questions.

Several weeks ago, when Mike asked if I was available to be on his Bloodshots 24 Hour Filming Frenzy team this year I unfortunately had to say no, because of the show in Chilliwack on Saturday, and V-Con. (More on both of those later.) You may recall that a couple years ago I was involved in The Veil (which by the way, you can see at – just click on THRILLERS at the bottom), which was Mike & Co.’s entry for that year. The subgenre of horror they drew was “Lovecraftian,” so Mike called on me as story consultant and I also ended up playing “The Doctor” for a brief cameo.

Well, this year they again drew the “Lovecraftian” subgenre and so the first question that Mike asked me when he called on Saturday was “are you available in an hour for a bit of filming?” I got out of bed, had a quick shower and biked over there to reprise my role for Mike’s first ever sequel. By the time you read this, “The Vessel” is finished and submitted to the Bloodshots staff. The screening of the films is on Wednesday at the ANZA club and unfortunately that’s the first night of my new Freeport D&D campaign which I daren’t shirk off. But I can’t wait for the next available screening to see how it all turns out! Especially since the second question Mike asked was “can we use a Thickets song in the end credits” and as of this writing I have no idea which song he chose, if any.