V-Pro or V-Con

I spent last night pricing scores of artworks by me.

Last year I took in some art to V-Con and a few of them were sold. Mostly stuff from the “”every original drawing in this binder is $10” binder, I think. This year, I got Joyce to frame some stuff for me (I hate framing. Hate it!) and so I had to figure out what to charge. I really had no idea and the interweb wasn’t much help. So I figure either nothing will sell and I’ll come to the conclusion that my prices are too high, or lots will sell and vice versa. Or nothing will sell because V-Con isn’t a great venue for selling art. Expect a report in a few days. I saw Jonathan Dalton set up in the dealer’s room, which is completely separate from the Artist room, so that should be interesting to see how a comic creator does in there.

The con is in Richmond so I had to take some time off work to drop my stuff of this morning. I don’t have time to attend the convention, so I’m going back to pick up my stuff on Sunday afternoon. This involved taking big, awkward containers on a packed bus to Richmond which was no fun. I was told they’d be setting up at 8am, and of course I said I’d be there around 10 (getting up before 8:53am is not for me). I even got there a little late, but still had to wait about an hour and a half because they hadn’t set up yet. And then on my way home, only one block from my house, I got puddle-drenched by a passing B-LINE bus. Which only got me slightly more wet than biking to work anyway. Damn you Hurricane Meddlesome!