Vancouver Comic Jam Homeless

Every month, when I can, I am part of the Vancouver Comic Jam. Ever since the Jolly Alderman on Cambie shut down (thanks, Olympics!) they’ve had no luck finding a place to go. Have a read of Ed’s email and see if any ideas pop into your head (there’s also a Facebook group here)

So, it’s two days until the jam and I have still not been able to secure a venue. I’ve followed up on all of the leads that have been sent my way but none have panned out – either the place is already booked or they have some sort of event going on already.

I’m still looking, but things are not looking good for this month.

HOWEVER, someone brought to my attention that this Saturday is ALSO 24 Hour Comic Day. So, instead of meeting at one venue, why don’t we have pockets of people meeting all over during the day (an idea suggested by someone else here) and then meeting later in the eve at a pub to celebrate. This way, we can have smaller groups pushing each other to create their 24 hour comic.

The easiest thing to do, might be to comment here or go over to the Crown Commission message board ( and discuss in the VCJ October thread. Arrange where you guys want to meet. Suggest pubs and I guess we can all meet up at whatever seems to be the better idea.

As for venues — I’m still looking. I’m open to all suggestions. I have a couple places that might work for November, but nothing for this month. What I would ideally like to do is find a cafe that is licenced and maybe closes earlier on a Saturday. I could pay for a staff member if they’re willing to open up for us. OR, if there is a hall/meeting space/centre/theatre/whatever, that could be rented for a couple hundred bucks (or less) on a regular basis. It would have to be someplace that would allow us to serve booze.

Please, keep the ideas coming.