Vicarious Revenge

from Sep 3

Now I would never vandalize my old apartment. I would never open Stewie’s huge Costco bag of rice and spill it all over the living room, along with soy sauce! I would never smash glasses and light bulbs on the floor, or toss furniture around. But I went over there on Sunday to grab some coat hangers and somebody got into the place and did exactly that. I was slightly amused, figuring it was probably some other old tenants who decided it might be a good way to piss off the new landlord who(m?) evicted us all, or maybe it was just someone getting their kicks causing destruction, which I can remotely understand but not condone. It was weird to see, it was like I was in a suspense movie and somebody had tossed my place looking for the plans, or trashed my apartment and spray painted “STOP ASKING.” On the one hand I was a little disturbed that somebody in my neighborhood gets their rocks off with petty destruction, but another part of me was thinking “well that’s kind of funny.” The worst that I did was unscrewed all of the wall hooks, and the toilet paper holder, and moved them to the new place.