Professor Ghost

While I should have been packing last night I was writing up my character for Jon’s “Spirit of the Century” game. Mike’s character is Robotnik (Soviet robot hero of the people), David’s is Congorilla (US agent transformed into a gorilla by a mysterious flying alien space-ape temple (a la Zardoz)), Jason’s character: The Conductor (Viennese wielder of The Baton of Power) and me…

Rauf Zorlu, AKA Professor Ghost.

Imagine an 1890’s Turkish steampunkesque ghostbuster, who looks like he came out of an Edward Gorey book with Dr Seuss equipment. When I get a chance I’ll scan in the sketch.

Backstory: Raised in a very religious atmosphere in 19th century Ottoman Turkey, Professor Ghost turned away from his people and pursued a campaign of debunking spiritualism and the supernatural. That is, until he traveled to Russia, and the mad monk Rasputin proved him wrong! The professor turned to scientific methods of exploring these arcane realms, but disaster struck – he was trapped in the ectoplasm of the spirit world for almost 16 years! Upon his escape, he discovered a world at war, and a very different Turkey. He renewed his investigations, and found that his long sojourn in the shadowlands was not in vain – he was able to stop a nefarious cult from conquering Estonia with an army of the living dead, needing only the finances of Congorilla and the brawn of Robotnik to clean up the mess. He was able to return the favors when Robotnik faced down Destruct-Tsar, a ghost inside a robot body, and when Congorilla was targeted by Congolese zombie assassins.