Rockonomics: The Fifth Album

Back when I thought that the Shadow Out of Tim narrative would just be a few songs on the latest album, and not the entire thing, my best idea for the album name was Supercthonic. Warren pooh-poohed it as sounding too ‘lispy’ but Mario thinks it’s great. I hold out hope that the fifth album will harbor that name, unless something better comes up.

The forthcoming album, which may be out in 2008 and may not be, will mostly be a miscellany, not like the last two concept albums. I thought I’d share some of the song ideas I have. If you’re going to steal them for your own nerd rock band, please stop reading.

I want to do a song about Vigo the Carpathian, the villain from Ghostbusters 2. Someone suggested on a website somewhere (Stewie?) about how Vigo’s monologue would be the perfect beginning to a metal album, and I agree. If we do that, we have to figure out the legal ramifications as Sony is not known for being generous with its properties.

An anthem to the “living fossil” coelacanth, called “Coelacanthem”

A tribute to Lovecraft’s tale “The Music of Erich Zann” – something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never had access to a violinist. Anyone know any rockin’ ones?

A re-imagining of one of our old songs. Maybe “Shoggoths Away,” “House of Clocks,” or maybe even “Three Hour Log.”

The coelacanth.

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  1. Recent studies on the coelacanth have shown that it’s oddly symetrical front and back fins are an evolutionary advance over it’s ancestors non-symetrical front and back fins. Or our non-symetrical front (arms) and back (legs) fins.
    In any case, bring on SuperCthonic! It’s funny.

  2. Banks what are you afraid of? That someone might mistake TDOTHT for a GAY horror nerd rock band? Come on. Anyone that’s familiar with the band and the mythos will get it and anyone that’s not will pronounce it with a hard C.

  3. I’m not scared of nothin!

    To clarify, I never said I didn’t like the name because it was too lispy. That would be Toren making up a reason.

    I just think the name is a bit predictable and bland. I think we can do better.

  4. Actually, a gay horror nerd rock band has some potential… It could be called, “things Man Was Meant to Know”.

    As for the new album. Hmmm. If you did drone/psychedelia you could call it, “Beyond the Wall of Noise”. Anyway…

    How about ROCKANOMICON?


    “ROCKANOMICON” would work for a more ‘rockabilly’ album of songs like “Yig Snake Daddy.” Might need to put in hyphens: Rock-a-Nomicon!

    “ROCKONOMICON” has a more broad range potential.

    “ROCKYNOMICON” (roughly translated “Book of Dead Boxers”) would be just too evil. How evil? Yellow paisley Cthulhu evil. And I have one to prove it. A co-worker at Renaissance Faire insisted on calling him “Zoidberg,” though. Pshaw.

  6. I know a rockin’ cellist who may know a rockin’ violinist (if, that is to say, a rockin’ cello will not suffice, which I’m assuming it won’t.)

    OK – Yes, I officially know someone who knows a rockin’ violinist. I will send you particulars.

  7. A rockin’ violinist! YES!!!

    I wish I could remember who it was that suggested “The Dukes of Al-Hazred” for a band name. I think it would also make a good album name.

  8. I wish I could remember who it was that suggested “The Dukes of Al-Hazred” for a band name. I think it would also make a good album name.

    for some reason, i think it was Mr. Tice but i’ve been wrong before.

    oh so very wrong…

  9. Supercthonic.

    Awesome name. I have to disagree with Warren here.

    As for a violinist … why not have one of the band members try to play one as though it were a guitar or bass? Not sure how that would sound, but it might sound interesting.

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