Everything Must Go!

I’ve started piling all the stuff I’m getting rid of on the “dining room” table (I put dining room in quotations because we have never dined there), and the towers are teetering. Books, CDs, DVDs, VHS (movies so far, I haven’t gotten to the cartoons yet) games, and assorted knick knacks. Although I do love the birthday auction, I know I can get better prices on the CDs and books at Zulu/Red Cat & Pulp Fiction. And since it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’ll be moving into a more expensive place, I could use the extra cash. I spent much of my evenings and free time picking at the bookshelves and I’ve barely made a dent. If there’s ever been a time to borrow something from me, this is it!

And also of course if anyone want to take a look at the teetering towers, let me know – I’d rather sell to friends than to stores. Why just yesterday David came by and bought a big stack of comics for ten cents each.

2 Replies to “Everything Must Go!”

  1. Toren, sorry, but I’m too far away to look through your stuff. Just wanted to let you know that your commercial is airing in New Zealand. Saw it today on the Cartoon Network.

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