Remember All That Stuff You Collected Over the Years?

Well, now you have to move it. Or sell it!
Yes, it’s true – they’re tearing the building down, or as near as dammit, so Stewie and I have to find a new place to live as of August 31st. I think I may have to have my birthday auction a little sooner than I planned to! Cuz buddy, I got a lot of crap!

Anyone have any leads on a place to live for a hard luck case? On my birthday, yet!

4 Replies to “Remember All That Stuff You Collected Over the Years?”

  1. Moving is horrid and yet liberating. They are nuking a lot of the three floor walk-ups in my area too, to put in multi-million condos. One up the block has new 11 story tower with the bidding on new condos starting at 1.5 million! Nothing but drug lords and thieves! Just waiting for our owners for cave and sell.

    I’ll keep an ear/eye/nose out for anything. As Puck said, Burnaby or maybe New West are the hot spots in town.

  2. And so the poor are marginalised and pushed to the fringe of society…

    welcome back to the valley!

    like i’m one to talk. i moved to frigging england! you really can’t get any more expensive than that. except for maybe moscow.

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