After the apocalypse, some assorted people and I will be living in a huge, towering complex with many mysterious sealed off sections. I’ll be at a computer console and while I’m screwing around I’ll accidentally break one of the seals, and zombies will be released into the living sections. Flee!
…according to the dream I had the other night.

Yesterday at 8:33pm I sold the very first “The Shadow Out of Tim” to Robert Crosby of South Carolina via the interweb. For reals!

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  1. I dreamt last night that you were in the leadership of a Cthulhu cult that was having a show-down with the police in the wilderness. I was a bystander and I volunteered to negotiate a settlement. Just as the police negotiator was walking up to me the phone rang and I woke up. I like to think you killed all the cops while I was distracting them…

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