Weekend Update with Toren Atkinson

I am now playing a biweekly BURNING WHEEL game. Burning Wheel is a roleplaying game where the players have a lot more say in creating the world than in D&D. And the characters are much more fleshed out. And the rewards are not XPs. So far I’m enjoying it! However it has caused me to forget to tape LIFE OF BIRDS two consecutive times.

I’ve taken my bike in to 3 different places to get fixed over the past year. You may remember I’ve complained here about how most of them aren’t open on Mondays. Anyway I think I’ve finally settle on Cyclepath, since one of the staff is a Thickets fan, that’s my best in for service and value! Cashing in the rock chips! Today I biked downtown to Elfsar and back, and tonight I biked to Burnaby and back for Joe’s housewarming, where I played some X-Box Guitar Hero. Joe was telling me they have Settlers of Catan for X-Box now.

At free comics day I got some Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comics! Also I purchased a sizeable chunk of ‘how to’ books, including WRITING FOR COMICS WITH PETER DAVID and INKING THE DC WAY. I also bought this crazy book called THE FANTASY FIGURE ARTIST’S REFERENCE FILE which has some pretty cheeseball stuff in it but also some nice photos of belts. Which is important.

On imdb.com, you can give movies a rating between 1 and 10, and also submit reviews. Over the past few years I’ve been inputting ratings of movies that I’ve seen as well as movies I remember well enough to give a faithful rating. I’m up to 944 titles. It’s my goal to hit 1000 in as short a time as possible, so I have to go now and watch something.
Here’s my list by the way [link]