World Wildlife Federation of Justice: studies

Today I was doing some studies of established cartoon lions in preparation of issue #1 of WWFJ. A free peanut if you know who this is:


9 Replies to “World Wildlife Federation of Justice: studies”

  1. Definitely has that MGM 40’s cartoons style. Looks very familiar, but no peanut for me!

  2. I’ll give you a hint:
    “How many lumps do you want?
    “Oh, three or four…”

  3. It’s Leo Lion!

    “FOUR! I got a *sweet* tooth!”

    and later

    “COFFEE! I don’t like tea, it gives me a HEADACHE! Eeeeeeeee”

  4. Puck got the cartoon right but the name wrong.
    In truth he’s not a lion at all, but a puma.

  5. I gave everyone a day to try and answer.

    Now I must tell you all it is Pete Puma.

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