Hockey Discrimination

Last night I had a dream that I got on a bus on Oak St and the driver let me on but the bus and took my money but the bus didn’t move anywhere, and I could see another bus also just sitting on the side of the road further up. I asked why the bus wasn’t running despite the fact that it was full of people and the driver said “the hockey game is on.” Everyone on the bus was content sitting listening to the hockey game. It was only the start of the second period so, outraged, I got off the bus.

That was a dream, but this is for real: Joyce, Fred & Erin, Dave and I went to Tomato (the restaurant on Cambie) last night and we were the only ones in the joint at about 5pm. As we walked in the chef called out from across the room “the hockey game is about to start, what are you guys doing here?” I had no recourse but to reply back “not watching hockey.” The cook replied “I don’t know if we should serve non-hockey fans,” obviously jokingly, but I was half expecting to find a big goober in my salad. Then for the next hour the only people to come into the place was old ladies. Very surreal.