Ant Lion

Initial character designs for Ant Lion. What cartoon lions are there? Well there’s all the lions in Lion King, which are quite Disneyish, then there’s the lion from the WB cartoon “Hold the Lion” and “The Lion’s Busy” and probably others. Then there’s also apparently a Hanna Barbara character called Lippy the Lion. lippy.jpg

Can anyone think of anyone else?



3 Replies to “Ant Lion”

  1. Snaggle Puss? He’s kind of a lion! Also I remember Linus the Lion-hearted fromt he early 60’s, Kimba the Lion was a Japanese thing I vaguely recall seeing, of course The Cowardly Lion of Oz (like a cartoon), and one of my faves is Lambert the Sheepish Lion!

  2. Oh I had never heard of Lambert before – good call. And Linus too. I’m updating with the video!

  3. While I have Lambert on DVD, I always enjoy watching it again. Bev. thinks Lambert and Ferdinand the Bull should connect and start a B&B by the sea! Heeeheee…

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