Art Tutor?

Hey here’s a question for you. I saw a ‘wanted: art tutor” ad on a billboard at a comic shop and I thought – maybe I could do that. So the question is, what’s a reasonable tuting rate to ask for?

Secondly, I’ve been slowwwwwwwly reading “Your Call is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit” and now so are you:

My objection to advertising is not merely aesthetic. Each and every shill is a tax-deductible cost of doing business, and thus a double insult. The billions that companies spend to convince you that you are a smelly, yellow-toothed porker translate into millions fewer for the public purse and drive up the price of products. A pair of Nikes only costs a few bucks to make, but it costs a lot to get Michael Jordan…. Advertising attempts above all to sanctify mass-produced crap with a halo of uniqueness and beauty, or deliciousness and comfort, or coolness and Xtremity. Ads determine…how we perceive ourselves and even what we do. There is, for example, mounting evidence that we may be making ourselves ill with our ad-induced scrubbing. While we scour the world to a sterile gleam and mock the mammal scents of our continental friends, research tells us that kids in slightly grimy houses have a lower incidence of asthma than those who live in immaculate surroundings. And antibiotic hand washes only accelerate the development of more resistant bugs, a process already well underway thanks to the mass prescribing of antibiotics.

Just a note: I am not inherently against advertising (obviously since I do it myself to some extent, and I was in a commercial). Also there’s too much rhetoric and not enough citations. But…I am enjoying the book.

Also I saw Blades of Glory and it made me guffaw. It’s playing at the Rio still. I didn’t realize Tuesdays were $5 there. Or did I?