Rockonomics: Music Video for "A Marine Biologist"

Stewie had an idea for a music video for “A Marine Biologist” and I think it’s possible. The idea is to send an email out to as many marine biologists as we can find, along with a copy of the song. We ask them to send us some footage of them working. The music video becomes a series of such footage, kind of like a cross between a music video and a documentary, with credits at the bottom of the screen for each marine biologist. So for example we could have some footage of Dr. Steve O’Shea disecting a giant squid and in text at the bottom would be something like

Dr. Steve O’Shea
systematics and biogeography of cephalopods
(whatever institution he may be working for)
New Zealand

I don’t even think there’s a need to have any band footage in there, but if there were it should be us at the Vancouver Aquarium wandering around in fishy mascot costumes. Or at least wet suits.

So, feedback? And do you know any marine biologists?

2 Replies to “Rockonomics: Music Video for "A Marine Biologist"”

  1. I love it. You guys should see if you can film the “you guys playing” bit in the beluga viewing room so you’d get something like this, except you’d have some underlighting so you guys wouldn’t be just silhouettes.

  2. I know quite a few but it might be hard to get actual footage of people working. More likely it would be easier to get lots of still photos of bios at work.

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